CA Technologies Software Licensing

CA Technologies, a world leader in mission-critical software, offers a compelling alternative to the traditional way of acquiring boxed software through licensing. CA licensing programs currently available for the acquisition of CA software solutions include the Open License Program (OLP) and the Master License Program (MLP).

CA Open License Program (OLP) is an easy-to-use, cost-effective purchasing program designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. It reduces the costs associated with acquiring, implementing, and maintaining CA software. OLP offers streamlined purchasing and centralized license management.

CA Master License Program (MLP) is an innovative purchasing program that enables customers to meet the high-volume software demands of global enterprises. MLP provides substantial and immediate volume discounts through a streamlined, flexible purchasing process that eliminates the paperwork and red tape often associated with traditional contract licensing programs.

CA Open License Program

Smart Purchasing Made Easy

The CA Open License Program (OLP) is an easy-to-use, cost-effective purchasing program designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. OLP reduces costs and streamlines the acquisition, implementation, deployment, and maintenance of CA software and services. And now it's even easier for you to qualify for these discounts, and easier for you to install and to register your new software.

OLP Member Benefits

  • Single License Key for Multiple Installations
  • Streamlined Media Pack
  • Simplified Product Registration
  • Easy-to-Understand Pricing Structure
  • Academic Pricing
  • Quick Quotes
  • Worldwide Availability
  • Easy Product Reorder

Step by Step Savings

With OLP, it is even easier than ever to benefit from licensing. In many cases, purchasing just two copies of CA software can qualify for enrollment in the Program. You can buy a broad range of CA Solutions without the product pool restrictions often associated with licensing.

  1. Each product and service has a point value. 40-points or more in the initial order automatically qualifies you for participation in the Program for a 2-year period.
  2. Purchase the OLP Media Pack (10 Points) in the initial order. (Optional for re-orders)
  3. Purchase Upgrade Protection, education, etc.
  4. Reorder additional CA solutions and benefit from your Program discount for 2 years.

OLP Media Pack

Included with your initial order is a Media Pack that includes your License Certificate, the latest versions of the CA software you selected, plus a variety of related product live trials in the solution area you purchased.Your Media Pack also contains a set of related trial product CDs. These trial products are easy to try and simple to buy. Should you decide to purchase any of these trial products, an OLP reorder enables you to easily activate most products without reinstallation.

CA Master License Program

Buying Industry-Leading Software For Large Organizations Has Never Been Easier

The CA Master License Program (MLP) is a high-volume software license program that offers substantial discounts on CA software. Designed fororganizations with large computing environments, including government agencies, MLP reduces the cost of evaluating, acquiring, maintaining, upgrading, and managing CA software.

Step-By-Step Savings

Becoming an MLP member is a simple process. Every product and service offered through MLP has a point value associated with it. You can buy a broad range of CA Solutions without the product pool restrictions often associated with licensing. To buy through MLP, you agree upfront to purchase products and services that equal designated point values as outlined here:

MLP Requirement Purchase
(in points)
Initial Purchase 2,000
End of Year 1 + 1,500
End of Year 2 + 1,500
2-Year Total = 5,000

You can mix and match products to accrue the points needed to fulfill your two-year commitment and receive your discount. If you are an eligible Government Institution, you automatically qualify for MLP — without any minimum purchase requirements.

  1. Contact TechXtend and enter MLP with a commitment to purchase at least 5,000 points worth of software and services over a two-year period.
  2. A minimum purchase of 2,000 points is required on your first order.
  3. At the end of the first year of your agreement, another 1,500 points purchase is required. Therefore a total of 3,500 points (2,000 + 1,500) must be accrued in the first year of your agreement.
  4. In the second year, another purchase of 1,500 points is required, bringing your grand total for the two-year term of your MLP agreement to 5,000 points.

Right away, with the first order, you'll receive your MLP discount.

You'll continue to receive that discount as you fulfill your agreed-upon purchase milestones over the course of the eight-quarter term. Periodic checkpoints and compliances are available throughout the life of the contract to help you reach your purchasing goals.

Each initial MLP order is shipped with the MLP Solutions Kit FREE of charge.

The MLP Solutions Kit contains all the media you need to install your new CA software quickly and easily. MLP allows you to immediately deploy and use CA software products so you always have access to software when and where it is needed — without having to manage multiple license keys or acquire and ship

It also includes a Media Pack of 30-day live trial software of other CA products that fall into the solution area you purchased from such as storage, security, or data modeling. Just try the trial CDs included in the kit, and if you choose, you can easily convert them into fully-licensed product. No reinstallation is necessary in most cases.


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