Datawatch Software Licensing

Datawatch VLA Program

The Datawatch VLA Program is designed to offer organizations a cost-effective solution for purchasing and maintaining Datawatch's award winning report mining products. For small to large size organizations, the option to purchase volume licenses rather than shrink-wrap products provides easy license administration and substantial savings by taking advantage of competitive quantity-based pricing. Other additional customer benefits include:

  • Easy to Administer. No additional purchasing commitment required.
  • Higher Profits. Volume licensing helps curb additional inventory or overhead costs.
  • Lower cost. Receive volume discounts.
  • Availability. Educational and Government Institution discounts.

The program also allows a convenient and flexible way to purchase volume transactional agreements without reporting requirements, end-user forecast, or authorization for Corporate or Government customers.

Program Details

The Datawatch VLA Program offers high-performance, reliable report mining software that provides organizations with the benefits of streamlined communication, reductions in the total cost of ownership, and increased productivity. The following levels are available in the program:

Product Family: Monarch & Monarch Pro (Full version and upgrades** available)
Initial Minimum Quantity: 10 Seats*
Price Levels: Level 1 = 10-40 Users
Level 2 = 41-80 Users
Level 3 = 81-150 Users
Level 4 = 151-250 Users
Level 5 = 251-500 Users
Level 6 = 501-999 Users
Level 7 = 1000 + Users
Single Add-On Licenses Available***
Media: Media and documentation is included with each level (ex. Level 1 transactions will receive 1 CD, 1 Set of Documentation, Level 7 transactions will receive 7 CD's and 7 sets of Documentation). Additional media and documentation may also be purchased.

* To qualify, a minimum purchase of 10 seats must occur. Because Datawatch licenses are transactional agreements, purchases are not cumulative.

** Customers must have purchased previous versions of Monarch 5.0, or 6.0, to qualify for upgrade pricing.

*** Customers may purchase the Single Add-On License sku's once they obtain a License Authorization number with their first minimum 10-seat purchase (media not included)

When a volume license purchase order is placed, a customer will receive a CD-ROM and a License Certificate, listing the number of licenses, along with a master license code, that have been purchased.

Maintenance Program Option

The Datawatch technical support organization has a primary goal to help customers with comprehensive Maintenance and Technical Support options. The objective of the Maintenance Program is to increase and streamline the customers report mining productivity, while facilitating their business objectives.

Datawatch will provide support for an unlimited number of calls, free product updates, and product upgrades with the purchase of maintenance for Monarch or Monarch Pro.

Maintenance Agreements must be purchased within 90 days of the volume license purchase. The term of the program is for one year from date of purchase.

Academic and Government Discounts

The Datawatch VLA Licensing Program is available for the educational and government industries. Educational institutions include: an accredited primary, secondary, or preparatory school, high school, college or university. To qualify for a government discount, an organization would need to be a Federal government department, agency, entity, or education institution.


By participating in the Datawatch VLA Licensing Program, organizations will not only take advantage of streamlined communication and reductions in the total cost of ownership, but will have Datawatch's commitment to continuing the investment required in providing cost-effective, leading-technology solutions to addressing real software needs.


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