Endpoint Protection Security Solutions

Endpoint protection is a security strategy which employs software that is distributed to "endpoints" – that is end-user devices. The endpoint security software is managed centrally using a client/server model. (Definition: SearchMidMarkeySecurity.com). Endpoint security is designed to protect the endpoint – and the enterprise to which it belongs – from threats such as viruses, spyware, malware, etc.

TechXtend provides endpoint protection solutions from a number of leading software companies, such as AVG Technologies, CA Technologies, ESET, GFI, ThreatTrack, McAfee, Sophos, Symantec, TrendMicro, WebRoot, and others.

Endpoint Protection Security Products

Endpoint protection security solutions from TechXtend include:

  • AVG Internet Security Business Edition: AVG Internet Security Business Edition provides the ultimate endpoint protection and security for your employees' laptops and PCs. In addition, it provides: File Server protection to prevent malware from spreading across your network; Email Server protection against spam, phishing and email threats; and Automated Security Updates plus security monitoring and reporting.
  • ESET Smart Security Business Edition: ESET Smart Security is an integrated solution providing endpoint security for businesses of all sizes. ESET Smart Security brings the speed and precision of ESET NOD32 Antivirus and its powerful ThreatSense® engine and combines it with custom engineered firewall and anti-spam solutions to protect endpoints and keep them secure from malware and other internet threats. ESET Smart Security Business Edition features the ESET Remote Administrator 4 that allows fast setup and eases administration of all the servers and endpoint machines in a local and wide area network. ESET Smart Security Business Edition ensures optimal performance of the systems and networks and reduces bandwidth consumption.
  • GFI EndPoint Security: GFI EndPoint Security helps secure endpoint connections, by allowing administrators to control entry and exit of data via portable storage media and other USB devices such as memory sticks, media players (e.g. iPod, Creative Zen) and memory cards, allowing you to prevent network security breaches from within your organization!
  • ThreatTrack VIPRE Enterprise: VIPRE Enterprise addresses the problems of existing endpoint security solutions, such as bloat, high resource usage, and poor agent management and deployment. VIPRE's high-performance endpoint security is fast and memory efficient – providing the necessary endpoint protection and security functionality – ensuring an optimal end user performance experience.
  • McAfee Endpoint Security 9: With its intelligent security management and industry-leading single management console approach, the McAfee Endpoint Security platform reduces complexity and minimizes the effort and operational overhead required to manage security. McAfee's integrated endpoint protection and security solution optimizes security with state-of-the-art technology and a single management console, enabling business productivity while reducing costs.
  • Sophos Endpoint Security and Data Protection: Sophos Endpoint Security and Data Protection simplifies the task of securing endpoints – desktops, laptops, mobile devices – and file servers against known and unknown threats, as well as protecting your organization against accidental data loss. Sophos's automated Enterprise Console provides a single point from which to deploy, update and report on endpoint protection across your entire estate. Sophos Endpoint Security and Data Protection protects over 25 platforms covering Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, UNIX, NetWare, NetApp Storage Systems, and Windows Mobile. Sophos Endpoint Security and Data Protection also ensures endpoint compliance by using Sophos NAC to assess and control all endpoint computers – checking if anti-virus and other security applications are active and up to date, and whether operating systems updating patches.
  • Symantec Endpoint Protection: Symantec Endpoint Protection combines Symantec AntiVirus with advanced threat prevention to deliver unmatched defense against malware to secure and protect endpoints – laptops, desktops and servers. It seamlessly integrates essential security technologies in a single agent and management console, increasing protection and helping lower total cost of ownership. Symantec Endpoint Protection provides protection against even the most sophisticated attacks that evade traditional security measures, such as rootkits, zero-day attacks, and mutating spyware.

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