Flexible Payment Options

CapEx Squeezed? Surging OpEx? Critical IT Projects on the Back Burner?

Maximize Your Systems & Software License Investment — Stretch Your IT Budget Dollar!

Using our Flexible Payment Options (FPO) program, we can help you stretch your budget dollar, so you can purchase those essential IT products — as and when you really need them.

Flexible Payment Options

Flexible Payment Options (FPO) is a TechXtend program designed to help you make essential technology acquisitions, manage your budget dollars, and control your license expenses!

The program has numerous benefits for you and your company:

  • Flexible Terms: You can receive payment terms from Net 60 days to a year or more.
  • No Paperwork: It's easy! Once you are approved for the program, no paperwork is required.
  • No Middleman: The Flexible Payment Options program is offered directly through our parent company, Wayside Technology Group — not outsourced to a third party company!

Who Is Eligible?

  • SMB and Enterprise customers, State and Local Government, and Academic institutions.
  • Minimum transaction size of $50K (excluding services).
  • All transactions subject to the review and approval of Wayside Technology Group — usually within 1 business hour!

What Are The Options?

We'll tailor a plan specific to your needs!

  • Options are customized to best accommodate your unique business situation.
  • We can provide payment terms from Net 60 days to a year or more, accommodate your budget.
  • Payments can be made monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.
  • Standard Flexible Payment Options approval requires no money down.


These are examples of actual Flexible Payment Option transactions:

Amount Financed Payment Terms Finance Charge
$907K Allowed customer to pay in full 7 months after order shipped. None
$651K Allowed customer to pay in full 90 days after order shipped. None
$380K 1st payment of $50K due in Net 30, balance within 7 months. None
$240K Allowed customer to pay in Net 60 terms. None
$99K Allowed customer to pay in Net 90 Terms. None
$1.6M Split payments over 3 years, allowing for a 90-day first payment. Required
$1.5M Allowed the customer flexibility to make 10 payments in 3 years. Required
$1.4M Allowed the customer to make 8 quarterly payments over 2 years. Required
Flexible Payment Options

IRS Section 179
Tax Deductions

Let Uncle Sam Help Pay for Your IT Investments