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Fortran is widely considered one of the first practical programming languages. Fortran — contracted from "Formula Translation" was proposed in the Early 1950s by John Backus at IBM as a tool to reduce the time spent hand coding assembly language. Fortran required development of the first optimizing compiler — which was delivered in 1957. One of the first languages used for scientific and numeric computing, Fortran evolved alongside the requirements of electrical engineering science. IBM produced the early commercial versions of Fortran, followed more recently by Microsoft and Compaq.

For over 50 years - Fortran has remained a preeminent language for scientific and mathematical modeling. Now, with the emergence of visual programming, extends to the mainstream programming public.

For more than 25 years, TechXtend has focused on serving software development professionals. We provide Fortran Compiler software from Intel, Absoft and PGI.

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