How to Order

We see that you are logged in to, so you already have an active web account with us.

That's great! So the easiest way to order is through this web site, but you may also:

  1. Phone your order into our Sales department at (800) 599-4388, Monday through Friday, 8:00am - 8:00pm EST.
  2. Mail* your order to:
    TechXtend, Inc.
    Attn: Order Dept.
    4 Industrial Way West, Suite 300
    Eatontown, NJ 07724
  3. Fax* your order to (732) 389-0010.

* Be sure to include your name, address, telephone number and any details with your order.

How do I purchase Online?

It's simple! From any of our pages where you see a product there will be a shopping cart icon next to the product listing. Just click Add to Cart to add the product to your cart. Items will remain in your shopping cart for the duration of your visit until you are ready to check out.

Billing information will not be required until your order is finalized! Browse and shop around as long as you like. You are not obligated to buy any products that you have added to your cart.

When you are ready to buy, simply click the CHECK OUT button on the shopping cart page to be taken to the secure section of our Web site. Once your payment and shipping information has been verified, the order will be submitted for processing.

Why are there 2 (or more) copies of a product in my basket?

There are two reasons why your shopping cart may contain more than one copy of the same item.

  • You may have already placed the item in your cart on a previous visit to our store. Remember, once you log in, our servers temporarily retain your account information. Therefore, if you added any items on a recent visit but did not complete the order, those items will still be in your cart.
  • The product may have been submitted more than once when you added it to your cart. Accidental double-clicks or holding the mouse button down just a second too long could result in duplicates.

To correct this, simply click the X to delete item from shopping cart next to the unwanted item to delete it from your cart before finalizing the order.

Why is my Credit Card being rejected?

To ensure the highest level of security, TechXtend uses a ranking system which takes into account a series of risk factors to determine credit card approval. As long as your final score does not exceed our limitations, your credit card should be approved.

Please verify that your card has not been rejected for any of the following reasons:

  • The credit card number was typed incorrectly
  • The credit card has expired
  • The billing address of your credit card does not match the billing address on your account

If you still cannot figure out why your credit card was refused, you may wish to contact the issuing credit card company to determine if there are any problems with your account or contact our Customer Service department at (800) 599-4388, Monday through Friday, 8:30am - 6:00pm EST.