There are two main ways to search for products on the TechXtend website – by using the product categories tab, or the search box.

How to Search for Products

Searching using Category Search

Products Department

You can find the products tab across the main navigation bar. Once the cursor is placed over the specific department, a menu list of categories for that department will drop down. Each of these departments and categories within the hierarchy can be clicked to display any featured products or specials that exist within that department/category.

Products Department List

Searching with the Search Box

The search box is on every page of the site. The search textbox is located at the top right corner of the every page under our social media links. Simply enter the product you would like to search for and click the blue magnifying glass button:

search textbox

The search functionality supports searching for one or more specific words and/or phrases. A word is one or more characters without spaces or punctuation while a valid phrase can consist of multiple words with spaces.

Your search options include the following:

  • Manufacturer/Publisher name
  • Product Description
  • Manufacturer Part Number
  • TechXtend SKU

Our search doesn't recognize special characters such as exclamation points, question marks, or the @ sign. These types of characters are so common that including them in a search would greatly slow the delivery of the search results. Additionally, the use of punctuation on the web is so inconsistent that including it in the query often does more harm than good to the relevance of your search results.

Example Search

Since TechXtend offers so many products, when searching for items using the navigation search bar, many results may appear. In our example we will search for "VMware vSphere Essentials", but we'll do it a step at a time, to demonstrate the search mechanism.

First we'll enter "VMware" in the search box.

Search by Company Name

The search returns 146 results.

Search Results 146

You may narrow or refine your search in a number of ways to reduce your set of search results. The simplest way is by typing "vSphere" into the Keyword Search.

Search by Keywords

In our example, there are only 47 results now.

Next the results might be filtered by Price Range. We are going to choose a price range of $100-$500 which will refine our search to only 11 results.

Add Price Range

Even though our initial search was VMware, a manufacturer's name, results from other manufacturer's may appear. This is because some products reference VMware in their description. By clicking on VMware under the Manufacturer filter, our results will be refined to 5 results.

Manufacturer Filter

Lastly results can be refined by category. In this example there is only one result in Categories, Virtualization.

Search by Category

If there are any filters that are not needed, they can be removed by simply clicking the blue Delete Product from Favorites Icon adjacent to each item.