Brainstorming and Mind Mapping Solutions

Software Technology for Brainstorming and Mind Mapping — the Way the Mind Works!

mindjet logoMindjet's technology for dynamic, visual thinking captures, arranges and relates free-form information in a multi-dimensional space. It goes far beyond an everyday outline or the confines of a sheet of paper. In tech-speak, it's brainstorming software that brings thoughts and ideas to life on an intuitive, interactive dashboard.

Some call it mind mapping. We call it common sense.

This is not a new way of thinking. It's just the first time you've been able to see it happen. In fact, we're wired to work this way. Where the left and right brain play nice-merging logic and creativity to inform decisions, manage priorities and make things happen.

Manage information, people and projects — all in one place

Individuals and teams can access, update and share knowledge in static and online environments. You can link and layer images, lists, notes, data, charts, and files in any format-Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDFs, Web content and the like. You can even assign action items to team members, add icons to highlight key information, and alert others when an automatic update has occurred. It contains virtually every piece of pertinent information for any given project-all in one place.

Software tools for data modeling are available from a number of leading software companies. TechXtend provides professional data modeling tools from companies including CA Technologies, Embarcadero, Quest, and Sybase. In addition we offer complementary software tools that are often used in data modeling. These include products from Altova, Microsoft, and Mindjet.

Boost Performance at Every Point in the Product Lifecycle

Product development teams must combine relentless innovation with quantitative precision. With the ability to support the product development process from the very earliest stage of an idea to management of highly complex products, Mindjet gives them the tools to do both, brilliantly.

Mindjet provides interactive knowledge-sharing, brainstorming software and services that enables product teams to plan, strategize and interact more effectively in a high-performance work environment, helping them work smarter instead of harder, foster more creative thinking and achieve more in less time. Product teams can accelerate revenue, reduce costs, improve quality, ensure compliance, and drive innovation throughout the entire product lifecycle from concept to distribution and beyond.

Speaking about his team's use of Mindjet's software for mind mapping and brainstorming, Greg Keller, VP of Product Management at Embarcadero said "There are lots of applications and project management tools out there that give you a hierarchical view of information. But what you lose with these tools is the ability to see the whole picture — or just a piece of the picture at a time. [Mindjet's mind mapping software] allows us to see both, and that's a real benefit."

Start By Brainstorming with Mindjet
Mind Mapping Software

Mapping out new product features and development timelines Keller says the company begins using Mindjet at the start of every project. Typically, the company has five or six teams of ten or so developers working on software development projects. To get each team headed in the right direction, Keller sits down with the software product team manager and one or two other team members, projects a Mindjet map on a screen, and the team starts brainstorming and capturing ideas with the Mindjet mind mapping software.

"First we map out all the major functional areas," Keller says. "We start at the high level, then dig in deep in terms of the actual pieces of componentry we have to build out."

Once the team members have a good sense of the feature set they want, they start allocating resources and estimating how long each part of the project will take. The Mindjet mind mapping and brainstorming software enables them to capture in one quickly understood visual document all the product features, time lines and resource allocations for that product. As part of this process, the team will also draw from Mindjet's library of graphic icons to embed into the maps quickly understood visual cues. For example, they attach numbered visual icons to indicate during which of the six prescribed project phases each feature will be built.

Mind Mapping Brainstorming Software: "...literally map out their thoughts on how any given feature should behave"

"[Mindjet's mind mapping software] allows project managers to literally map out their thoughts on how any given feature should behave," he says. "This clarity helps them more precisely articulate their needs to engineering which, in turn, helps engineering ensure that all requirements are met and that feature implementation is as fluid as possible for the end user."

Brainstorming and Mind Mapping:
Free your knowledge ... solve real problems!

Most of us are not professional project managers, but we manage projects every day. We don't follow a strict methodology, but have created our own processes to get things done. Mindjet mind mapping and brainstorming software helps you streamline your work process into three very simple steps:

  1. Create consensus quickly to get the project off to the right start
  2. Develop strategies and an action plan that tie back to the top-line objectives
  3. Execute project plans by enabling team members to track roles, responsibilities and deadlines