Nero Enterprise Licensing Program

Whether you plan to use your Nero products in a corporate enterprise, academic institution, government agency, nonprofit organization, healthcare department or legal services firm, the Nero Enterprise Licensing Program offers a flexible and cost effective way to deploy across networks your choice of Backup, Burning, Video Editing, or the full integrated Nero Multimedia Suite.

Nero Enterprise Licensing provides:

  • One multiple-user serial number
  • Flexibility to add more licenses throughout agreement
  • IT streamlined software asset management
  • Affordable pricing tailored to your organizations size and type

Nero Maintenance (optional):

  • Available with orders of 10 or more Enterprise licenses
  • Valid for 1 year (longer terms available)
  • VIP Technical Support (Email & Phone)
  • Free upgrades


The Enterprise License remains the best Nero multiple licensing program for organizations. It offers cost savings beyond standard license pricing, helps your business standardize IT across the enterprise, simplifies license management, and provides comprehensive Software Assurance benefits.

Streamlining Processes for Architects

For a growing architecture firm with a small administrative staff, Nero Multimedia Suite 10 streamlined and protected their code submittal, bid review and change order processes with SecurDisc technology. Important blueprints were protected with the Digital Signature feature so only the intended recipients were able to access the files. When files are altered, the Data Integrity Check technology was able to detect any changes to the original data. Documents remained private and secure while paperwork and confusion was minimized.


Academic Enterprise Licensing programs put Nero software in the hands of educators and students so they can interact, create, and learn. Enterprise Licensing provides qualifying academic institutions with coverage for desktop platform products and the flexibility to add additional licenses as needed under a single agreement.

Saving Your IT Department Time and Money

When a top university wanted to make their computers more efficient and save time for their IT staff, Nero Multimedia Suite 10 Premium provided an efficient solution. The extremely user-friendly Nero StartSmart was a big hit for the IT staff, as faculty and students didn't need to hassle the department for technical questions. In addition, Nero Vision's advanced video codecs automatically converted cumbersome files into popular formats, further lessening the burden on the IT department, saving the school money and resources.


Standardize technology across your government organization with the latest Nero products. The Enterprise License Solution provides simplified license management with a single agreement, and predictable software costs. It also offers all sizes of eligible government agencies with special pricing and terms to best align to the way government acquires software licenses.

Disaster Recovery Made Easy

Nero Multimedia Suite 10 helped a critical government agency recover and restore their electronic files with powerful Autobackup software. To save on storage space, large amounts of paper files were digitized and backed up using customizable Autobackup. When a virus attack deleted a large amount of data, Nero RescueAgent was able to recover all deleted files and restore them back to the system in a short amount of time and at a fraction of the cost of hiring a specialist.


Gain the technology that will help your organization support patient records and safety. Enterprise Licensing provides health organizations a simple and predictable way to manage license purchases.

Secure Delivery of Patients' Files

After a data breach that cost thousands to resolve, a large medical center took matters into their own hands by integrating Nero Multimedia Suite 10 Premium into their electronic file delivery system. High-level passwords protection with AES-128 ciphers that encrypt data and helped prevent unintended viewing with Digital Signatures provided controlled access to patient files when delivering to labs and specialists.


Eligible nonprofit organizations can acquire multiple software licenses-rather than multiple software packages-at reduced prices through Enterprise Licensing. Your organization needs to purchase only one complete software package and enough licenses to cover the remaining number of computers.

Social Networking Is a Breeze with Nero Vision

Nonprofit visibility on social networking communities is essential for exposure in today's global funding environment. A newly-formed non-profit used Nero Multimedia Suite 10 Premium to create professional-style videos in-house, using features such as Multi-track editing, Keyframe handling, PiP effects, overlay effects and more, and instantly upload to share on social communities, allowing them to increase their viral marketing results within a matter of weeks.


Get the technology that will help your organization support legal digitization of documents and records, along with first-class secure backup and encryption. The Nero Enterprise License gives you the best overall pricing with the full benefits of Nero software updates, flexibility to add additional licenses as needed under a single agreement, plus simplified licensing management.

Create a Uniform Video Deposition In-House

A civil law firm needed a simpler in-house solution for compiling several depositions into one uniform video file. Nero Multimedia Suite 10 Premium provided the necessary tools for gathering clips of footage into one seamless file, complete with synchronization between spoken lines, and the option to output to many formats, including Blu-Ray Disc. The use-friendly software allowed them to discontinue outsourcing and create their deposition presentations in-house.


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