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Software Publishers and Enterprises invest in Application Lifecycle Management Solutions in order to:

  • Accelerate realization of new business initiatives through reduced cycle times to conceive, develop and deploy new systems and services.
  • Eliminate business disruptions and disconnects through improved software quality, predictability and performance.
  • Reduce total lifecycle costs through enhanced team collaboration and improved productivity through streamlined development, test and maintenance procedures.


User requirements are collected, analyzed and rationalized to ensure that the business needs are optimally met. This step may include prototyping and use-cases before detailed requirements can be established.

IBM Rational Requisite Pro *

Micro Focus CaliberRM

Micro Focus Optimal Trace

SmartBear ALMComplete *


Requirements are converted into an overarching design for the software, including any "look-and-feel" and required integration between subsystems and with other system components.

Altova UModel

CA ERwin Data Modeling Suite

Intel Parallel Studio XE

Micro Focus Optimal Trace

Microsoft Visual Studio Professional

SmartBear ALMComplete *

Sparx Enterprise Architect

Sybase PowerDesigner


Developers code and debug the logic for the software and integrate their code modules with other subsystems, as well as modules developed by other project members.

Embarcadero C++ Builder XE8

Embarcadero Delphi XE8

Embarcadero RAD Studio XE8

Intel Parallel Studio XE

Micro Focus DevPartner

Microsoft Visual Studio

SmartBear AQtime

SmartBear Collaborator

SmartBear DevComplete *

Sybase PowerBuilder

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The software is "real-world" tested and debugged in operation with the related systems and subsystems. This stage will also test the predicted performance of the software in the live environment.

Infragistics TestAdvantage

Intel Parallel Studio XE

Micro Focus DevPartner

Micro Focus QADirector *

Micro Focus TestPartner *

Microsoft Visual Studio Test Professional

SmartBear AQtime

SmartBear QAComplete

SmartBear TestComplete

TechSmith Morae

VMware vCloud Director

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The software is packaged and prepared for roll-out. This includes not only physical installation and deployment, but also tasks — training, documentation, help procedures, etc. — to prepare and support the intended users.

Dell ChangeBASE

Flexera AdminStudio

Flexera InstallAnywhere

Flexera InstallShield

Microsoft Visual Studio Professional


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The deployed software is managed for quality, capability and performance. Bugs, user requirements and performance issues must be identified, registered and triaged appropriately — feeding back into the overall lifecycle process.

IBM Rational Build Forge

IBM Rational Build ClearQuest

IBM Rational ClearCase

Microsoft Visual Studio Professional

SmartBear QAComplete