Programmer's Paradise is now TechXtend

It's Still a Programmer's Paradise @ TechXtend!

For nearly 30 years, Programmer's Paradise served the software development and IT communities with the best selection of software, terrific values and a commitment to service excellence.

30 years...much has changed in that time! From our early focus on developer and database tools, our customers – and the evolution of technology itself – led us to extend our solutions focus into infrastructure tools such as virtualization/cloud computing, business continuity, networking and security.

A few years ago, we launched our TechXtend division to serve our customers' demand for total technology solutions: the software, the hardware and the services to implement them. Many of our customers came to know us as TechXtend – and rely on us for a broad range of their information technology needs. So, in order to continue to serve you even better, we merged Programmer's Paradise into TechXtend as a single business unit.

If you searched for Programmer's Paradise on the web, you've found us at and in Canada at

You can still research and shop for your developer and database tools – and much more – on the TechXtend sites. You still get the great service, business value and selection from TechXtend that you received from Programmer's Paradise. All of your account records, logins, order history, email subscriptions, etc. – from both Programmers and TechXtend – are now available on the TechXtend sites.

It's Still a Programmer's Paradise @ TechXtend! We are still your "go to" source for software developer and database tools – AND you can also depend on TechXtend for all of your other IT needs.

Don't hesitate to contact your TechXtend representative should you have any questions.

Thank you for your business and your continuing interest in TechXtend.

Your TechXtend Team