SAP Volume Licensing Program

Dimensions Volume Licensing Program

Dimensions is an SAP volume-licensing program that offers customers a cost-effective and convenient way to purchase, manage and maintain SAP product licenses and upgrades. Designed to fit the needs of organizations of any size, Dimensions features volume-based discounts, flexible purchasing options, centralized license tracking and easy-to-understand terms.

As a member of the Dimensions program, you'll enjoy substantial cost savings on SAP products and services. You can purchase licenses, maintenance and services as needed to accumulate points towards volume-based discounts. With Dimensions, you'll benefit from worry-free volume licensing, while keeping costs down and maintaining consistent licensing throughout your organization.

The Most Cost-Effective Way to Buy Products and Services

The Dimensions program assigns each product license & upgrade a point value. You can mix and match product licenses, upgrades and services to accumulate points. SAP tracks your points and discount level, taking the guesswork out of what and how much you have purchased.

Dimensions Open License Plan

Dimensions Open License Plan (OLP) offers customers the opportunity to purchase SAP products and services as needed, while tapping into tiered, volume-based discounts. As an OLP member, you are not required to sign a contract, or forecast future purchases.

Points earned through product and service orders are accumulated over a rolling eight-quarter period. After nine quarters, points earned in the first quarter are dropped, and your points are rolled forward into the ninth quarter. You can reorder any quantities at any time during the rolling eight-quarter period, and you'll receive your current discount.

Enrolling in Dimensions OLP

Enrolling in the OLP is easy and requires no minimum point entry. Your first product order establishes your discount rate. If at any time during an eight-quarter period your point total places you in a higher tier, you will receive the deeper discount on subsequent purchases. SAP will send you quarterly account summaries at the end of every calendar quarter, which will show you all purchase made under your Agreement Number, including points, licenses and software distribution.

When you have been in the Open License Plan for more than two years, this summary will also appear if any of your first quarter's points have dropped off. This could effect your current discount total, however if you have placed an off setting re-order, we will be happy to re-instate your original discount level. The dropped points will not affect your software licenses.

Open License Plan — Point and Tier Schedule

Points Tier
0-999 A
1,000 B
3,000 C
5,000 D
12,000 E

NOTE: Dimensions discounts or entry level into the program may vary by region so please contact your local SAP office for more details

Crystal Reports Upgrade Eligibility

To qualify for upgrade pricing, you must own a previous version of Crystal Reports or be licensed to use a copy of Crystal Reports bundled from one of our following partner products:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
  • Microsoft Visual Basic
  • Borland C# Builder
  • Borland Delphi
  • Borland JBuilder
  • BEA WebLogic Workshop

Licenses are upgradeable on a one-to-one basis. For example, a single-named-user license from version 10 entitles you to purchase a one-named-user upgrade to Crystal Reports XI.

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