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Silverlight Controls: User Experiences for Web & Mobile Apps

Silverlight is Microsoft's cross-platform plug-in that allows developers to build rich media and business apps that can run across the Web, desktop, and mobile devices. Microsoft provides Silverlight as a free plug-in to the .NET framework. Microsoft's Silverlight product team has developed and released the Silverlight Toolkit – Silverlight controls intended to promote the building of Silverlight-based applications. The Silverlight Toolkit includes full open source code, samples, documentation, and design-time support for the Silverlight controls.

Since Silverlight's initial release in 2007, Silverlight controls have become available from third party component developers. TechXtend sells Silverlight controls offerings from companies including Infragistics, GrapeCity, Telerik, Developer Express, Software FX, and Syncfusion.

Silverlight Controls and Component Offerings

Silverlight controls offered by TechXtend include:

  • Infragistics for Silverlight: Infragistics for Silverlight controls deliver what you need to quickly and easily create great user experiences consistent with the latest Microsoft® Office® style. Infragistics Silverlight controls leverage the best styling capabilities, including Visual Studio® and Expression® Blend support, Rich Internet Application (RIA) services, and next generation UI that empowers you to create Killer Apps. Infragistics for Silverlight Data Visualization provides Silverlight controls that enable you to build business intelligence applications with the Microsoft® Office style user experience end users expect.
  • ComponentOne Studio for Silverlight: Industrial strength Silverlight controls you cannot find anywhere else. Get a full featured rich textbox, a powerhouse grid, interactive maps, and so much more. ComponentOne Studio for Silverlight controls include Accordion, Calendar, DataGrid, DragDropManager, FilePicker, Maps, MediaPlayer, Menu, PdfViewer, ReportViewer, Uploader, and Zip — to name a few.
  • Telerik RadControls for Silverlight: Telerik RadControls include.40+ Silverlight user interface controls for building rich line-of-business Silverlight applications. Sharing the same codebase with Telerik WPF controls, the Silverlight controls offer a clean and intuitive API, Expression Blend support, Visual Studio 2010 and SharePoint 2010 support, and powerful theming capabilities that will radically improve your RIA development.
  • Syncfusion Essential Studio User Interface: The Essential Studio User Interface edition of Silverlight controls allows you to create stunning line of business applications with a wide range of Silverlight controls. The edition includes the following Silverlight controls: Esential Grid, Essential Chart, Essential Gauge, Essential Diagram, Essential Schedule, and Essential Tools — a selection of Silverlight controls including a high-performance grid, docking manager, chart, gauge, scheduler, and more.
  • Software FX Chart FX and Silverlight: The Chart FX Silverlight Add-On extends Chart FX 7 and allows developers to add Chart FX functionality to their Silverlight-based web applications. Software FX will be providing the Chart FX Silverlight Add-On as a free download to Chart FX 7 customers.

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