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The software deployment phase of application lifecycle management includes not only the physical installation and deployment, but also tasks such as training, documentation, etc. Software deployment tools address the preparation of the software for installation as well as the actual deployment of the software.

Software deployment can entail the deployment of individual applications, tools or utilities, or complete systems. For example, provisioning of new user desktops as well as servers is often undertaken by the deployment of the complete software configuration as a disk image. With the advent of virtualization, software deployment tools are required to handle both physical and virtual instances. In a virtualized environment, software deployment tools encapsulate the applications from the operating system and other applications. For example, with VMware's ThinApp software deployment tool, the entire application and its virtual operating system is delivered as a single EXE file.

TechXtend provides software deployment tools and solutions from a number of leading software companies, such as Acronis, Flexera Software, ScriptLogic, Prowess, VMware and others.

Software Deployment Tools & Products

Software deployment tools from TechXtend include:

  • Dell Desktop Authority: Desktop Authority provides a centralized automated solution for software deployment across the enterprise that helps lower the cost of desktop ownership. Desktop Authority provides a straightforward, comprehensive platform to both deploy and update software.
  • Acronis software deployment solutions: Acronis Snap Deploy and Universal Deploy products provide a comprehensive solution for the deployment of software to workstations and servers across the enterprise. Using Acronis' disk imaging technology, these solutions create exact disk images of the standard configuration, including the operating system and all applications. Software deployment is then initiated by sending the image(s) to multiple systems at the same time. This makes Acronis tools ideal for software deployment for rapid bare-metal installations.
  • Flexera AdminStudio: Software deployments and OS migrations are among the riskiest functions for IT. Deploying a poorly prepared or tested software package can crash mission-critical applications, slow productivity, and send help desk costs soaring. AdminStudio allows IT to quickly prepare reliable virtual and MSI packages for error-free rollout with leading software deployment solutions. AdminStudio provides the automated tools needed to ensure MSI packages deploy successfully, regardless of the software deployment tool used. It combines powerful MSI repackaging, customization, testing, and virtualizing technologies with Web-based process management tools to significantly cut IT costs and increase software's reliability.
  • SmartDeploy Enterprise: SmartDeploy Enterprise helps IT professionals perform software deployment through more efficient execution of system imaging tasks. Among other benefits, the tool helps keep deployed images up-to-date with less effort for faster software distribution; it simplifies deployment of software and patches associated with the system images, and enables system image and software deployment in limited bandwidth environments, such as branch offices or classified environments.
  • VMware ThinApp: VMware ThinApp allows applications to be packaged in single executables that run completely isolated from the operating system and other applications on the target end-point devices. This enables software deployment to different platforms, thereby reducing the requirement for recoding and regression testing. As enterprises move to Windows 7, ThinApp's agentless application virtualization accelerates application migration with faster, simple software deployment.

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