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Survey™ ? from Scalable Software

SurveySurvey will help you identify under-utilized assets, slash your IT spending and recover budget for critical IT projects.

Unlike traditional IT asset management solutions, Survey delivers robust IT usage reports, empowering senior management to extend the value of what they own and eliminate overspend. Survey utilizes class-leading usage tracking technology that detects and analyzes user keystrokes and mouse movements to ascertain actual user interaction with an application. Survey's asset intelligence gives you a business view of the computer systems and software you have installed.

Survey is an analytical solution focused on IT usage intelligence, network visibility and software compliance. Survey provides detailed and comprehensive usage information on the software, web applications, thin clients, hardware, printers and monitors in your enterprise.

Organizations today, even those that have spent millions of dollars deploying complex IT asset management systems, struggle to control the costs of their IT environment.

Over 150 pre-built reports give you the insight to:

  • Accurately plan your IT budget and stop overbuying software and hardware
  • Remove the cost burden of maintaining underutilized IT assets
  • Gain fair value from license true-ups
  • Achieve accurate compliance with publisher licensing requirements

Common benefits of our solution:

  • 60% reduction in license true-up costs through a license recovery process
  • 40% reduction in subscription licenses for business tools or web applications such as Oracle Financials, SAP, Siebel, JDE and Cognos by knowing actual concurrent licensing needs
  • Complete spending freeze on Acrobat, Project and Visio licenses for 3 years
  • 15% of all workstations are retired due to low usage patterns
  • Consolidate printers and manage usage


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