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Software testing — traditionally performed at the completion of the software development phase — is now increasingly viewed as an integral part of the whole software development lifecycle. The function of software testing, the person doing the testing, and the tools used, are influenced by the type of software development model in use. With modern approaches such as Agile Development, the developer is much more likely to be involved and to be using software testing tools. TechXtendprovides software testing tools from companies including IBM Rational, Infragistics, Micro Focus, Microsoft, Seapine Software, SmartBear and VMware.

Software Testing Tools & Products

Available software testing tools include:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio Test Professional: Microsoft Visual Studio Test Professional 2010 is an integrated software testing toolset that delivers a complete plan-test-track workflow. File high quality bugs with rich diagnostics for your developers. Take full advantage of a task-driven user interface and features like Fast Forward for Manual Testing so you can focus your time and energy on high-value tasks.
  • Compuware File-AID/CS: Compuware File-AID/CS is a test data management tool that saves time and reduces the level of complexity often associated with managing distributed data and preparing data for software testing.
  • SmartBear QAComplete and TestComplete:
    • SmartBear QAComplete: SmartBear QAComplete is a software testing tool that provides complete software test coverage, requirements management and defect tracking. QAComplete gives you insight into what to test; ensures comprehensive software test planning and test execution coverage; establishes traceability between requirements, test cases, and code; manages defect resolution for issues found during software testing; and enables measurement of project readiness through reports and dashboards. QAComplete integrates with automated software testing tools like TestComplete and HP Quick Test Pro.
    • SmartBear TestComplete: SmartBear's TestComplete is a full-featured environment for automated software testing of Windows, .NET, Java, WPF (XAML) applications, web pages, web servers and web services. TestComplete offers systematic, automated, and structured software testing, with superior support for .NET, Java, Visual C++, Visual Basic, WPF (XAML), Delphi, C++Builder and web applications. It is equally oriented for testing 32-bit and 64-bit applications. With TestComplete you can also test PowerBuilder, FoxPro, Access and other applications.
  • IBM Rational Functional Tester: Rational Functional Tester is an automated functional regression software testing tool to test Web, Java, .NET, Siebel, SAP and Oracle applications.

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