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TechXtend's Solutions Focus: Technology Investments to Help Deliver Better Services

With a 30+ year history in serving information technology professionals, TechXtend has a clear understanding of how organizations plan and manage their investments in technology. We have excellent insights into how and where license overspending and budget wastage occur. We find our clients are invariably facing increasing software maintenance costs, are under pressure to deliver more services — with fewer resources, are deferring important projects due to budgetary limitations, and are unable to track true application usage across their networks.

Software License Mining

TechXtend begins by helping our clients identify under-utilized assets, uncover areas where IT spending can reduced – and recovered budget that can be returned to stakeholders, or used to pay for those critical, unfunded information technology projects. Typically, savings of between $200-$300 per end-user can be mined.

Where Would You Invest?

So what would you do if you could mine that amount of money from your IT spend – without negatively impacting staff or infrastructure? How and where would you reinvest so you could deliver better services, more efficiently to your stakeholders?

TechXtend specializes in infrastructure solutions for cloud computing/virtualization, storage & infrastructure management, and business intelligence & information management.


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And it's Still a Programmer's Paradise @ TechXtend!

With our 30+ year history as the leading independent source of developer and database tools, customers continue to call on TechXtend for their software and database development needs. They know they can rely on us for in-depth product expertise, unparalleled value and selection, and fast, accurate turnaround.