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Studies of enterprise IT environments have shown that U.S. enterprises over-buy licenses for 60% of their software portfolios and are non-compliant on another 30% of their software assets. In particular, enterprises — including government agencies — over-spend on desktop applications. For example, the studies show that, on average:

  • 82% of the PCs that have Microsoft Office Professional installed don't need all of the applications of this expensive high-end suite.
  • 84% of the PCs that have the full Microsoft Visio package installed use it in read-only mode or not at all and could suffice with a free document viewer.
  • 90% of the PCs that have Microsoft Project installed don't need it at all.
  • 92% of the PCs that have the full package of Adobe Acrobat don't need it at all and could suffice with a free document viewer.

For Microsoft Office, Visio, Project and Adobe Acrobat alone, savings of between $200-$300 per end-user can be mined. Recovery of this overspend offers organizations the chance to deliver improved services to customers, users and stakeholders, without incremental budget.

With a 30+ year history in serving information technology professionals, TechXtend has a clear understanding of how organizations plan and manage their investments in technology. TechXtend uses IT asset intelligence technology to uncover precisely how much money and where an enterprise is wasting on software licenses and underused hardware. This information has helped reduce actual IT budgets by 20 to 40 percent in the first year alone.

The asset intelligence tool used by TechXtend provides a business view of the hardware and software the organization has installed. The reports give the insight needed in order to:

  • stop overbuying software licenses,
  • remove the cost of maintaining and supporting under-utilized software and hardware,
  • get fair value from annual software license reviews and "true-up" negotiations,
  • and much more.

TechXtend Focus: Technology Investments to Help Deliver Better Services

So what would you do if you could mine that amount of money from your current IT spend – without negatively impacting staff or infrastructure? How and where would you reinvest so you could deliver better services, more efficiently?

TechXtend specializes in infrastructure solutions for virtualization/cloud computing, storage & infrastructure management, and business intelligence & information management.

Our Software License Mining Technology

The TechXtend software license mining team has selected Scalable Asset Vision® – from Scalable Software – as the best-in-class tool to use in helping customers identify under-utilized assets and mine budget to fund your critical IT projects.

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