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Storage & Infrastructure Management Solutions

The storage and management of enterprise data and digital information is arguably one of the most critical business and technology challenges organizations face today. Faced with the frenetic pace of business and global economic uncertainties, enterprises depend on fast and reliable access to critical business information – information that is often growing at astounding rates.

As information storage has moved "center stage" for IT executives, storage technology – hardware and software – continues to evolve to meet customer needs. Designing and managing a storage infrastructure is not easy! TechXtend storage and data management services help customers navigate the complex issues of optimizing their storage networks for availability and security, scalability and performance, capacity and manageability in areas such as:

  • Reduced Storage Capital Expenditures and Operational Costs: Increasing storage utilization and performance by deploying a best-of-breed storage hierarchy with advanced features such as data de-duplication and centralized management tools.
  • Assured Business Agility: Improving application availability, performance and access to critical data while ensuring alignment of the storage infrastructure with dynamic application and business requirements
  • Effective Business Continuity: Helping minimize service disruptions through shorter backup-and-recovery times leveraging best-of-breed storage and data recovery management technologies.
  • Enhanced Information Security: With advanced technologies for encrypting data, securing information access and operational monitoring of the end-to-end storage infrastructure.

TechXtend Storage & Infrastructure Management Services

The TechXtend storage & infrastructure management solutions team specializes in addressing issues such as:

  • Storage Architecture
  • Storage Virtualization
  • Tiered Storage
  • Data Protection Methodologies
  • Data Replication
  • Disaster Recovery (DR)
  • Capacity & Storage Optimization
  • Wide Area File Systems (WAFS)
  • Information Security

Our Storage & Infrastructure Management Portfolio

Browse our exclusive best-of-breed portfolio of storage & infrastructure management products. We've selected these products to address your complete storage & infrastructure needs:

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