Symantec Software Licensing

Symantec Licensing & Support Programs

Symantec Licensing Programs are designed to streamline the purchase of Symantec software as well as support and maintenance services. Each of Symantec's licensing programs offers a Symantec agreement number (SAN) through which customers can view, track and manage all licenses and renewals purchased through that program.

With several program choices aligned to a variety of business requirements, these licensing programs offer the ability to earn greater discounts and to effectively track and manage software licenses.

Symantec Licensing Programs

Program Elements Express Rewards Enterprise Options Government Academic Academic Subscription
Organization Type Small to Medium Medium to large Large Government entities:
National to Local
Government approved academic institutions Government approved academic institutions
Minimum purchase requirements 1 server per transaction or 5 licenses1 6,000 points initial order 2 Contact TechXtend 1 server per transaction or 5 licenses1 1 server per transaction or 5 licenses1 250 units and $5K MSRP
Agreement Type Certificate Online terms and conditions Contract Certificate Certificate Contract
Discounts Per transaction Based on terms of program or accumulated points Contract-based on terms of program contract Per transaction Per transaction Per transaction
License deployment rights Country of purchase Based on program terms Based on contract terms Country of purchase Country of purchase Country of purchase
Centralized purchasing (subsidiaries/ affiliates) No Yes Yes No No No
Available support and maintenance services Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Consolidation of support and maintenance services No Yes Yes No No No
Symantec Agreement Number (SAN) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
  1. For orders of more than 500 units, please contact your TechXtend Symantec specialist for more information regarding eligibility for Symantec Rewards, which offers an ongoing relationship with Symantec and provides greater program benefits.
  2. Points are assigned per SKU (point products). Refer to the Symantec Licensing Program guide for more information.


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