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Desktop Virtualization and Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDI)

The term "virtual desktop" originally referred to the ability of an application to present a user view that was bigger than the actual physical size of the user's screen. A "virtual desktop manager" — part of the operating system software would then allow the user to move their viewing window across "virtual desktop".

With the introduction of virtualization platforms such as VMware, this original usage has now been replaced. Virtual desktops now refer to the ability for end-users to access their desktop applications over a network from a remote computer server. The benefit of such desktop virtualization is that administrators no longer need to manage users and their applications on physical PCs. Instead, the users access their "virtual desktop" from a thin client or dumb PC. All changes to the users' applications and profiles are then managed on a central server. The overall costs of user provisioning and administration are reduced. Software licensing costs can also be reduced through resource sharing and better controls.

The software for desktop virtualization — known also virtual desktop software, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), or virtual desktop managers — is available from a number of leading software companies.

TechXtend provides desktop virtualization/virtual desktop manager software from companies including VMware, and Citrix. In addition we offer a range of complementary products for planning, deploying and managing virtual desktop (VDI) installations. These include VDI-related tools from Dell Software, VMware, ThinPrint, and others.

Desktop Virtualization/Virtual Desktop Manager Software Products

Virtual desktop software solutions include:

  • VMware View: VMware's View is a Virtual Desktop Manager solution that delivers rich, personalized virtual desktops as a managed service from a virtualization platform built to deliver the entire desktop. VMware View allows you to consolidate virtual desktops on datacenter servers and manage operating systems, applications and data, while providing a flexible high performance desktop experience for end users.
  • Parallels Desktop for Mac: Parallels offers a full range of virtual desktop software and server virtualization software. With the Parallels Desktop for Mac VDI solution, users can run Windows and Mac OS X side-by-side, drag-and-drop files between operating systems, and run Windows applications on their Mac without rebooting!

Virtual Desktop Complementary Software Products

Complementary software products for planning, deploying and managing virtual desktop software installations include:

  • Dell Software Desktop Virtualization (formerly vWorkspace):: Dell Software Desktop Virtualization (formerly vWorkspace) manages, secures and provisions virtual desktop environments. vWorkspace delivers virtual applications and virtual desktops from multiple hypervisors, terminal servers and blade PCs, through a single user access point and management center.
  • VMware ThinApp: Package Once, Deploy Everywhere (Network, USB, Physical or Virtual Desktops). Deploy virtualized applications in user mode, without administrative rights. No device drivers are installed and no registry changes are made because the entire application and its virtual OS are delivered as a single EXE file.
  • ThinPrint .Print Engine for VMware: ThinPrint's .PrintEngine is the ideal addition to a VMware View desktop virtualization environment. Through central print management with a physical or virtual print server, it provides optimum printing support using virtual desktop thin clients.

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