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How Gemiini Affects Schools & Resources

What is Gemiini?

Gemiini is a web-based program that gives teachers and therapists the power of highly individualized video modeling sessions for children with special needs through its vast library of over 150,000 pre-made videos.

The days of limited therapy time per student are over. Gemiini delivers unlimited access to therapy any time and anywhere: in school, at home, and even in the car.

With content in language, social skills, life skills, reading, and more, integrating Gemiini into traditional teaching and therapy methods elevates instruction and boosts the efficacy of pragmatic generalizations.

"Today I started Gemiini as a group in a class with 10 kids with autism. During the VERY FIRST video, one of the kids who has never said a word before in his life said "bear!" And he did the sign! I ran up to him and said "yes buddy! That's a bear!" He looked at me with the biggest smile ever and said again "bear!" Then, for the first time ever, he went up to a peer and gave a high 5. The teacher was stunned. I was in the class consulting for a few hours and our star student said "bear" 29 more times! I left the class before the second viewing but tomorrow morning I will return and I just can't wait to see the progress! This was IMMEDIATE acquisition upon viewing Gemiini. Even after two years of using Gemiini, these successes still bring me tears of joy!"

— Dr. Maria Gilmour (BCBA-D)  
Portland State University

"Hi, I am a speech therapist in Clark County school district in Las Vegas. I paid for a Gemiini account out of my own pocket for a sweet 4-year-old student I service. He had been receiving 2 hours of ABA tx before school!! (5am-7am!!!) then he goes to an autism preschool program in the district where I provide 240 min of speech therapy a week! And he was making little to no progress! I was literally crying myself to sleep over this little guy. I stumbled upon Gemiini on FB and said, "what have I got to lose except $100?" So it's been 2 weeks and he is spontaneously pointing, imitating the animal actions, and even some animal sounds! I'm beyond excited! I want this for every student! Our district needs this! Our kids need this! Thank you for this program! Thank you!"

Jayme Cutting (SLP) 
Clark County school district in Las Vegas

Increase Results — Decrease Costs

"My students would not have gotten to where they are today without Gemiini. The program has honestly changed the trajectory of their lives."

Michelle Krolczyk, M.Ed.
Derry Township School District

Gemiini can be used for individual instruction or in groups. Teachers who use Gemiini say that it is the most effective way they have seen to increase language gains and spark social skills.


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Gemiini is Efficient, Evidence-based, Powerful

The science of Video Modeling is beyond question. It has been determined to be "Established Science" by the National Autism Standards Board and both ASHA and APBA recommend the use of Video Modeling for therapy -

Research on Gemiini specifically has been published by professors from four universities, including the former Director of Clinical Psychology for Princeton. Gemiini is evidence-based and uncommonly effective for all ages and ability levels.

Comparing the Teaching Efficacy of Two Video Modeling Programs Delivered in a Group Format in Special Education Classrooms to Improve Expressive Language

(Gemiini's Discrete Video Modeling compared to standard video modeling.)


Video Modeling and Word Identification in Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder

(Gemiini was the only intervention used in this study.)


Gemiini in The Classroom

Gemiini can be used at school as well as in the home—any time—anywhere! Teachers and therapists can assign custom videos that align with an individual’s IEP goals, that parents can access - simply click and play.

"It's changed my classroom."

"Gemiini has made major improvements when it comes to language for my children because they didn't have language [before Gemiini]."

Ashleigh Johnson
Special Education Teacher in Birmingham, Alabama using Gemiini

"Before Gemiini, my students weren't using [words] functionally & now they are."

"Before using Gemiini, when working with some students, they were not able to look at my face in direct one-on-one therapy. But after the program they seem to be more comfortable and willing to sit one-on-one, to focus on the face, to be able to work directly with me."

Jennifer Maron
Speech Language Pathologist

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