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"The" Next Generation Coding and Programming Experience

  • In Robots4STEM, students learn visual programming through the use of a personalized avatar and Jett, the most advanced, facially-expressive robot.
  • Robots4STEM creates unlimited access and opportunity for developing fundamental coding and programming skills.
  • Robots4STEM is easy to implement and does not require educators to have prior experience with coding or programming.
  • Robots4STEM’s ease of use creates flexibility of scheduling within or outside the instructional day.

Who Is Jett?

Jett is the humanoid robot that the students learn to manipulate through the Robots4STEM program. Students learn how to program and control the robot using their avatar. Since Jett has a full range of motion and facial expressions, students program him to move, speak and respond to input.

Robots4STEM is a visual programming language based on the University of California Berkeley’s SNAP! project and the work of MIT’s Lifelong Kindergarten Group. Robots4STEM is the perfect introduction to coding for any student.

Robots4STEM Covers the Following Coding and Programming Topics:

  • Digital Citizenship
  • Algorithmic Thinking
  • Program Design and Flowcharting
  • Introduction to the Workspace
  • Programming the Avatar
  • Keyboard Events
  • Programming Motion
  • Introduction to Conditionals
  • More Advanced Conditionals
  • Counting Loops
  • Indefinite and Infinite Loops

Benefits of Using Jett:

Beyond coding

Students learn and apply critical thinking, collaboration, and computational thinking. Students also learn how to communicate with an avatar, a robot, and other humans.


Students develop capacity, competency, and confidence to create, innovate, and solve problems that are important to them.


Students don’t need to wait for teachers to learn to code or program. No previous skills, experience or knowledge of coding or programming is needed.

Robots4STEM features “suspend and resume” functionality in each lesson to ensure progress is not lost.

Ease of use and flexibility allow coding and programming in several ways including labs, specials, station rotation, before- or after-school programs, maker movements, or STEM camps.

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