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We provide best-of-breed technology, providing solution sets that best fit your organization’s needs, budget, and size.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

To effectively create a disaster recovery plan, our team will get to know not only your business, but your people. Every business is unique, and by applying this holistic approach, we ensure that responses are coordinated for all threats, small or large. We help companies of all sizes develop, test and maintain a Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plans that cover technological, physical, and personnel assets. Our professional consultants have experience in managing these assets in a variety of solution-based approaches.

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Cloud Solutions & Services

Transform the way you work with essential apps, cloud services and security to help your business thrive! We work closely with our clients to gain an in-depth knowledge of their specific needs, because we are dedicated to their success. As extensions of their teams, we provide comprehensive strategy roadmaps, detailed cloud migration plans, go-to-market support and much more. From our portfolio of Cloud applications to our Cloud Know How services team, we’ve got you covered on your Cloud journey.

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Virtualization is firmly entrenched in the strategies of IT leaders. Like many organizations, it's likely that cost savings and the containment of capex spend were the initial driving forces behind the uptake of virtualization in your business. But other drivers are now emerging: virtualization improves business continuity and resilience and can assist you in disaster recovery preparations. How can virtualization position your business for cloud computing? How can you harness the power of virtualization to reduce operational costs and improve automation?

Virtualization is also moving beyond the server and storage domains. Desktop virtualization is on the fast track to mainstream adoption. How can desktop virtualization help you manage device proliferation and operate more effectively and securely in today's mobile, user-centric workspace? How can it streamline your application and operating system upgrades? The TechXtend team will tailor solutions to your requirements utilizing our years of experience providing best of breed virtualization solutions.

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Data Center Management

In the digital age, running legacy and cloud-based infrastructures – whether they be on-premise, off-site, or hosted – isn’t easy. How do you evolve your existing operational policies, procedures, and toolsets to unlock the full value of your hybrid IT infrastructure, eliminate operational silos, and create a unified set of operations?

If you move workloads to the cloud, you also need to put in place the appropriate governance and audit controls to provide board members, auditors, and regulators with the assurance that you are using cloud effectively and securely.

By using digital technologies, we can help organizations to change their business model and provide new revenue and value-producing opportunities. We help our customers to move up in the digital value chain. Digital Transformation will allow your company to reduce operational costs, transform data from sensors into management insights and improves your current offerings with new customer value via big data solutions.

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We understand you want the best map and location technology and licensing advice for your application build. And you want to discuss your use case and project with someone who understands what you want to achieve.

We’ve been mapping and location solution specialists since 2008 when we first set up our mapping team. Since then, we have continued to add the world’s leading location vendors to our portfolio to give you the choice of best-in-class mapping platforms, mapping software, and location services that suit your different development needs.

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Professional and Managed Services

Need an extension to your team without the high costs of hiring and training? Our technical services team made up of experienced cloud architects, engineers and technicians can be just that. Whether you need us to carry out an initial assessment, support a one-off migration, or provide an ongoing managed service to regularly give your IT team valuable time back – we’re here.

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Client Computing

Your employees today are choosing their own working styles. They're adding smartphones, tablets and other devices and expecting these to connect with their existing desktop and laptop environments, so they can get the job done - wherever they are. For most organizations desktop computing is evolving to end-user-based client computing. Some call it the consumerization of IT; others, the PC-plus revolution. Whatever you may call it, your organization will benefit from accommodating this change to a mobile and flexible workforce. But you need to balance your employees' expectations with your business' requirements. In the new client computing environment, end users want to stay connected and have access to the best networks and services as a seamless extension of their traditional desktop. They want to choose their devices, applications and services. They want to make IT their own while still having access to IT support. They also need to be free from security threats. TechXtend partners with best of breed partners to help your organization accomplish those goals.

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Security Management

The digital age has created a new battlefield where your company’s data and operations are constantly under attack. These threats don’t come only from those specifically targeting your organization; computer viruses allow for the passive transmission of malware that can infect companies through the unknowing actions of a trusted employee.

These various threats grow more sophisticated every day, and most companies can’t afford to hire and train enough dedicated cybersecurity personnel to provide a rigorous, evergreen IT environment that addresses and stays current with the countless threat vectors. Unfortunately, as those businesses that have lost critical data and/or operations through cyberattacks have found, they also can’t afford to be without this kind of protection.

There’s no such thing as a perfect defense. Nevertheless, your company needs to be as rigorous as possible in preventing and responding to cyberattacks. Advanced Network Solutions security solutions offer a cost-effective, scalable solution to help your business guard against intrusions, and be proactive and effective in your countermeasures should any breaches occur. TechXtend partners with the best of the best to ensure that your infrastructure and data are safe from those who wish to wreak havoc within your business.

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Your developers need the best tools, if they’re going to create the best code. Our development tools and solutions provide everything your organization needs to produce great software, being able to seamlessly review, test, manage and deploy your code. We work closely with best of breed software partners to provide you with the tools and support you need and add value with training events and support

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Data Management

A lot is happening in the market today, as data continues to explode at unprecedented levels. Compliance is no longer an option, but a requirement. The push to cut costs and embrace the multi-cloud – yet still maintain visibility of your data – has never been more critical.

At the same time, the need to safeguard against data breaches is an absolute must. And, the necessity to gather as many insights from your data as possible could be the difference between success and failure for many organizations. TechXtend’s value driven solutions help you deal with these critical issues including GDPR and Data Governance.

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