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Intel® System Studio

Intel® System Studio is an all-in-one, cross-platform tool suite, purpose-built to simplify system bring-up and improve system and IoT device application performance on Intel® platforms.

  • Speed time-to-market: Ready-to-use, domain-specific routines and system-wide visual performance analysis quickly identify issues and reduce optimization time.
  • Boost performance and power efficiency: Platform-tuned libraries and compilers help optimize software on Intel® architecture. Actionable data uncovers power issues.
  • Strengthen system reliability: In-depth debugging, tracing, and analyzing capabilities identify elusive issues and deliver deep platform insights.

Community License

Use Intel System Studio with a free community license backed by community forum support. This license allows you to use the software for 90 days. You can refresh the license an unlimited number of times, allowing you to use the latest version. You can convert to a paid license at any time, which provides Priority Support for one year.

Intel® Performance Libraries

Take advantage of powerful and award-winning performance libraries that optimize your code and shorten development time. These libraries are offered for free as part of Intel's mission to support innovation and impressive performance on Intel® architecture.

Intel® Math Kernel Library

  • This popular, fast math library for Intel® and other compatible processors features highly optimized, threaded, and vectorized functions to maximize performance on each processor family.

Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives

  • Gain a competitive performance advantage with this library that offers image, signal, compression, and cryptography functions for multiple operating systems and platforms.

Intel® Threading Building Blocks

  • Benefit from this widely used C++ library for shared-memory parallel programming and heterogeneous computing.

Intel® Data Analytics Acceleration Library

  • Boost machine learning and big-data analytics with this industry-leading, easy-to-use performance library. Features include highly tuned functions for analytics performance across the spectrum of Intel® architecture devices.

Intel® MPI Library

  • Improve application performance on Intel® architecture-based clusters and deliver flexible, efficient, and scalable cluster messaging.

Intel® VTune™ Amplifier

Without the right data, you're guessing about how to improve software performance and are unlikely to make the most effective improvements. Intel® VTune™ Amplifier collects key profiling data and presents it with a powerful interface that simplifies its analysis and interpretation. Optimize software for:

  • High-performance computing (HPC) in weather forecasting, finite element analysis, and bioinformatics.
  • Embedded applications for IoT, transportation, and manufacturing.
  • Media software for video transcoding and image processing.
  • Cloud applications or Java* services in containers.
  • Device drivers.
  • Game engines.
  • Storage that includes Storage Performance Development Kit (SPDK) and Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK) polled software.

Intel® Parallel Studio XE

This comprehensive suite of development tools makes it simpler to build and modernize code with the latest techniques in vectorization, multithreading, multinode parallelization, and memory optimization. It enables C, C++, Fortran, and Python* software developers to:

  • Create faster code: Boost application performance that scales on current and future Intel platforms.
  • Build code faster: Simplify the process of creating parallel code.
  • Get Priority Support: Connect directly to Intel engineers for confidential answers to technical questions.

Cluster Edition

Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2019 Cluster Edition is our flagship suite. It includes all tools from the other versions, plus an MPI library, an MPI tuning and analysis tool, and an advanced cluster diagnostic system.

Composer Edition

Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2019 Composer Edition includes industry-leading C++ and Fortran compilers, performance libraries, standards-based parallel models, and performance-optimized Python. Build fast code, faster.

Intel® MPI Library

Intel® MPI Library is a multifabric message-passing library that implements the open-source MPICH specification. Use the library to create, maintain, and test advanced, complex applications that perform better on HPC clusters based on Intel® processors.

  • Develop applications that can run on multiple cluster interconnects chosen by the user at run time.
  • Quickly deliver maximum end-user performance without having to change the software or operating environment.
  • Achieve the best latency, bandwidth, and scalability through automatic tuning for the latest Intel® platforms.
  • Reduce the time to market by linking to one library and deploying on the latest optimized fabrics.

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